5 UA Tips for Hyper-Casual Titles

Try Different Networks

Most HC (hyper-casual) publishers use Facebook as their main testing platform, but do not be afraid to try new networks. Say, this year Tiktok was the main driver for the HC industry. This makes us think that it’s also another ground for testing your prototype.

Play with Your Creatives

Find the right creatives for your game – show clear gameplay, try different colors, play with one or two variations of your creative, add a call-to-action banner and test different camera angles. Here you can find more creative tips.

Test the Right Formats and Length

In HC it is recommended to target a broad audience, which means we are going to use a variety of placements in our ad campaigns. Use one square and one portrait format 15s and 30s if possible. You will be amazed at the different results from your creative performance.

FAN and Facebook Feed are Different Audiences

Remember – when we target all placements, we are able to see our creative performance on FAN (Facebook Audience Network) and Feed, which lead us to different audiences. We tend to have more volume from Feed, so we can easily learn if the game has potential for social networks, but on the other hand FAN is great if you are planning to push your game on the SDK networks.

Learn to Read Your Metrics

Each network has its own benchmarks. Be smart and learn to read your game metrics. There are mainly some defined benchmarks for general HC games, but do not take the metrics for granted. Not every game has low CPI (cost per install), some HC games are hybrids from other genres and tend to have much higher CPI, but also much higher ARPU (average revenue per user). We recommend reading the CPI (cost per install), CVR (conversion rate), CTR (click-through rate) and IPM ( app installs÷impressions×1000) per creative per placement delivery, that way you can truly understand your creative performance.