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Submit Your Game

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Step 2

Let’s Meet!

One of our publishing managers will get in touch to learn about you and your game. They will answer your questions and will share more about our testing process and the BoomHits Team.

Step 3


We will test your game with real players and share our expert feedback on what to work on and how to improve your game.

Step 4

Let’s Team Up!

If the results are promising we will offer you a partnership, and our team will do our best to help you make your game as addictive, fun and satisfying as possible and get it to the top charts. We know how important your game is to you, so we will always be transparent and will share all your campaign metrics.

Step 5


We will launch your game worldwide and will support it and your team. But we wouldn’t want to stop at just one game, right? Let’s work on new ideas together!

Let’s Make a Hit Together!

BoomHits is a mobile game publisher brought to you by the BoomBit Group. We love mobile games, have an industry leading team and want to help you create and publish hit games. Our partner studios are exactly that – partners, we are in this together. It’s about mutual respect, trust and lots of hard work!

We always have a full stack of fun, data driven ideas but we will always consider any of yours, especially the craziest ones. We value long-term partnerships and are keen to explore relationships beyond publishing deals.

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